Market Trend Columns

■ The Top Trends of 2008
2008 was an unusual year in Westport CT real estate. This column outlines the year's top trends in our local market.
■ First Half Report, 2008 
It’s official. The Westport and Weston real estate markets have not remained immune from national trends. While prices have not declined on average, we are in “slowdown” mode.
■ Anatomy of a Teardown
“Regular” homes are being torn down all over Westport – and “deluxe” homes are taking their place. Here’s how to tell if your property is a tear-down candidate.
■ Lying in Wait
Afraid of paying too much in an uncertain market, “house stalkers” are keeping watch on properties of interest – thwarting the efforts of earnest buyers and often bidding up the price.
■ The Myth of the Bad Market
If you think there are no buyers out there, you’re not on top of the real estate market in Westport, Weston and Fairfield CT. This column explains the psychology of today’s buyers and provides an economics lesson, too!
■ The New Land Rush
Scarcity of buildable land once again has builders paying record-high prices for prime acreage in Westport CT. A must-read column if you have land to sell.
■ The Transitional Neighborhood
A fact of life in Westport CT – expensive new construction next door to modest homes worth a third as much. The pros and cons of buying on a changing street.Evi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Top-Trends-2008.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/First-Half-Report-2008.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Teardown.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Lying-in-Wait.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Bad-Market-Myth.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/New-Land-Rush.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Transitional-Neighborhood.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Top-Trends-2008_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/First-Half-Report-2008_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Teardown_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Lying-in-Wait_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Bad-Market-Myth_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/New-Land-Rush_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Transitional-Neighborhood_1.pdfshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2shapeimage_6_link_3shapeimage_6_link_4shapeimage_6_link_5shapeimage_6_link_6
I’ve been writing “The Real Deal” since 2003. My goal is to educate readers about Fairfield County, CT market conditions, and to provide confidence as well as practical knowledge that they can use when it’s time to buy or sell. These have included:
Market Trend Columns
General Interest Columns
Columns for Sellers
Columns for Buyers
If you have questions or comments about the information in any of my columns, or if you would like to suggest a topic for an upcoming column, please feel free to email me at
General Interest Columns

■ Better Than New
Is a recently-built but not new home just as good as new construction? Find out what the new construction buyer thinks, in this column.
■ Guide to Westport Condos
Condominium sales in Westport CT are red hot. This column provides a roadmap of condo options in town from highest to lowest priced.
■ How to Choose an Agent
It really does matter who represents you in the purchase or sale of real estate. This column outlines what you need to know to make an educated choice.
■ Interview with the Assessor
How the Town of Westport CT values properties. Written during the 2005 tax revaluation, when the assessor ordered an appraisal of every house in town.
■ Intro to Wetlands
40% of properties in Westport CT have some amount of wetlands. This column explains how wetlands may affect the future usage and value of your property.
■ Raising the Bar
Why real estate agents get no respect – and the “new breed” of real estate professionals who will knock your socks off!
■ Rules of Negotiation
Guess what…there are none! That’s why the negotiation phase of your home purchase or sale can be so stressful. This column offers insights into the process as well as suggestions for staying focused and calm as you negotiate.
■ Surviving the Inspection
How to make it through the home inspection process without blowing the deal. What’s reasonable…what’s not…and under which set of circumstances price negotiations may be reopened.
■ Travails of Trading Down
Trading down to a smaller or less expensive place to live is one of the biggest challenges in Westport CT real estate. This column explains the difficulties.
■ The Trouble with Appraisals
Although bank appraisals are considered much more authoritative than a Realtor price opinion, they often miss the mark. This column identifies the potential pitfalls of putting too much stock in an appraiser’s estimate of your property’s value.
■ The Twilight Zone
There’s a ten-day period between the accepted offer and a contract of sale during which anything can happen, and deals that are going to fall apart generally do so. This column will help you get through that uncertain time.
■ Why Nosy Neighbors are
   Welcome at Open Houses
There’s no need to feel self conscious walking into neighbors’ houses that are on the market. This column explains why real estate agents enjoy meeting their clients’ neighbors.

More of Evi’s columns are coming — please check back soon.Evi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Better-Than-New.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Westport-Condo-Guide.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/How-to-Choose-an-Agent.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Interview-with-Assessor.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Intro-to-Wetlands.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Raising-the-Bar.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Rules-of-Negotiation.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Surviving-the-Inspection.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Travails-of-Trading-Down.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Appraisal-Troubles.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Twighlight-Zone.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Nosy-Neighbors.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Nosy-Neighbors.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Better-Than-New_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Westport-Condo-Guide_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/How-to-Choose-an-Agent_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Interview-with-Assessor_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Intro-to-Wetlands_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Raising-the-Bar_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Rules-of-Negotiation_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Surviving-the-Inspection_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Travails-of-Trading-Down_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Appraisal-Troubles_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Twighlight-Zone_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Nosy-Neighbors_1.pdfshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2shapeimage_8_link_3shapeimage_8_link_4shapeimage_8_link_5shapeimage_8_link_6shapeimage_8_link_7shapeimage_8_link_8shapeimage_8_link_9shapeimage_8_link_10shapeimage_8_link_11shapeimage_8_link_12
Columns for Sellers

■ The Art and Science of
    Pricing Your Home
Establishing an asking price is one of the most critical elements of your home marketing plan. However, doing so is not an exact science. This column will help you recognize the elements of a thoughtfully-considered pricing analysis.
■ Doing the Due (Diligence)
Why it’s so important for your listing agent to do his or her homework before putting your house on the market.
■ Effective Home Marketing:
    What It Takes
The “default” marketing plan used by most listing agents is no longer adequate to get your property sold quickly and at top dollar in today’s high-inventory market. This column outlines what you should expect your agent to do differently.
■ The FSBO Experience
Selling a house on your own is not as easy as it may seem. This column describes what you’re likely to encounter if you decide to sell “by owner.”
■ FSBO Fallacies
There are common misperceptions about “for sale by owner” properties held by owners and prospective buyers alike. This column sets the record straight.
■ How to Generate Multiple
Every seller’s dream is to have two or more offers to choose from. It’s not all that unusual for that to happen – even in the current “buyer’s” market – if you have the right mindset, and the right listing agent.
■ Listing During the Holiday
November and December are no longer “low-odds” months for selling your home. This column unravels conventional wisdom and outlines the potential advantages of being on the market during the holiday season.
■ Listing Long Distance
How to sell your property in Westport, Weston or Fairfield CT – even if you’re thousands of miles away. A tech-savvy listing agent makes it all possible.
■ The Perils of Overpricing
Sellers often think they have nothing to lose by pricing high when first listing their property. This column outlines why that’s not usually a good idea.
■ Pricing Properly in a
    Soft Market
A difficult market calls for non-traditional approaches to getting your house sold. Foremost among these is pricing. This column explains why “drama pricing” is the surest way sell quickly and at the highest possible number.
■ Real Estate Myths and Facts
Ten commonly-held myths are debunked in this column, which addresses topics ranging from the proper way to set a listing price to how commissions are paid.
■ The Senior Moment
Record numbers of older adults are choosing to sell their homes, and will continue to do so in upcoming years. This column offers senior-specific advice and explains the benefits of working with an agent who has earned the Seniors Real Estate Specialist™ designation.
■ Selling to a Builder
If you're like many Westport property owners, when it comes time to put your house up for sale you may be equally likely to sell to a builder as to someone who will take up residence once you've moved out. This column explains how to get the highest price possible from a builder while avoiding common pitfalls.
■ Stage Presence: Does Your
   House Have It?
Staging is the art of maximizing your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Homes that are staged sell more quickly and at higher prices than those that are not. This column tells you everything you need to know about staging.
■ The Tech Savvy Listing Agent
There’s a dirty little secret in the real estate business. Some of the top-name agents are the least comfortable – and the least proficient – with technology. This column will explain why you should care about this fact if you are looking to sell your home in the 21st century.
■ What Sells Houses... and
    What Doesn’t
Although it's true that your buyer could come from anywhere, when all is said and done there are really only two ways that most houses get sold – agents and the Internet. What every home seller needs to know to capitalize on this fact.
■ Why Your House Didn’t Sell
Every year, between 20% and 30% of listed properties expire without producing a sale. Failure to sell is usually the result of one or more factors that are explained in this column.
■ The Worst Mistake that
    Sellers Make
The agent who tells you the truth is always a better choice than the agent who tells you what you want to hear. How to resist the temptation of choosing unwisely.Evi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Pricing%20-Your-Home.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Pricing%20-Your-Home.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Due-Diligence.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Effective-Home-Marketing.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Effective-Home-Marketing.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/FSBO-Experience.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/FSBO-Fallacies.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Multiple-Offers.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Multiple-Offers.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Holiday-Season-Listing.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Holiday-Season-Listing.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Listing-Long-Distance.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Perils-of-Overpricing.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Pricing-in-a-Soft-Market.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Pricing-in-a-Soft-Market.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Real-Estate-Myths-Facts.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Senior-Moment.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Selling-to-a-Builder.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Stage-Presence.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Stage-Presence.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Tech-Savvy-Agent.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/What-Sells-Houses.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/What-Sells-Houses.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Why-Your-House-Didn%27t-Sell.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Sellers%27-Worst-Mistake.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Sellers%27-Worst-Mistake.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Pricing%20-Your-Home_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Due-Diligence_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Effective-Home-Marketing_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/FSBO-Experience_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/FSBO-Fallacies_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Multiple-Offers_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Holiday-Season-Listing_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Listing-Long-Distance_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Perils-of-Overpricing_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Pricing-in-a-Soft-Market_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Real-Estate-Myths-Facts_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Senior-Moment_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Selling-to-a-Builder_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Stage-Presence_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Tech-Savvy-Agent_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/What-Sells-Houses_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Why-Your-House-Didn%27t-Sell_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Sellers%27-Worst-Mistake_1.pdfshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2shapeimage_9_link_3shapeimage_9_link_4shapeimage_9_link_5shapeimage_9_link_6shapeimage_9_link_7shapeimage_9_link_8shapeimage_9_link_9shapeimage_9_link_10shapeimage_9_link_11shapeimage_9_link_12shapeimage_9_link_13shapeimage_9_link_14shapeimage_9_link_15shapeimage_9_link_16shapeimage_9_link_17shapeimage_9_link_18shapeimage_9_link_19shapeimage_9_link_20shapeimage_9_link_21shapeimage_9_link_22shapeimage_9_link_23shapeimage_9_link_24shapeimage_9_link_25
Columns for Buyers

■ Buyer Agreements 101
By law in Connecticut, prospective buyers are required to sign a buyer agency agreement before a real estate agent can show them properties. This column outlines what you need to know about buyer agency.
■ Buying at the Beach
Although Westport beach properties are much in demand, there are restrictions on how they may be renovated. What every beach lover needs to know before buying.
■ The Importance of
    Being First
Being first in line to make an offer on a property may afford you many courtesies during the negotiation process. Being second may require you to do things that you would prefer not to do. This column explains the difference between being first versus second in a negotiation.
■ The Worst Mistake that
    Buyers Make
Some Internet-savvy buyers search for houses on their own, without being represented by a buyer agent. This column outlines the potential pitfalls of purchasing through the listing agent of the property that you decide to buy.Evi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Buyer-Agreements.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Importance-of-Being-First.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Importance-of-Being-First.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Buyers%27-Worst-Mistake.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Buyers%27-Worst-Mistake.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Buyer-Agreements_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Transitional-Neighborhood_2.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Importance-of-Being-First_1.pdfEvi_Coghlan_News_Columns_files/Buyers%27-Worst-Mistake_1.pdfshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1shapeimage_10_link_2shapeimage_10_link_3shapeimage_10_link_4

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